5 Wedding Dress Picks for August Weddings

Wedding season is upon us, which can mean only one thing. Time to pick a dress. This can be a very stressful task and with so many options it's hard to know where to start. Whether you want an extravagant Carrie Bradshaw moment or a more relaxed Lily Allen style dress, there’s sure to be the perfect dress out there for every bride. 

To make the search easier, we have gathered 5 of the best wedding dress styles this season. Classic silhouettes or more modern gowns with shorter hemlines, simple white or bright pink, we want to make sure every bride is themselves on their big day. 

Check out our incredible finds below to begin your journey!



If you prefer classic, simple silhouettes, a great way to make your dress feel more luxurious is embellishment! Or, even if you love a big princess style gown you can never be too over the top so pile on the pearls and crystals if that’s your thing. It’s your big day, go for it! 

Open Back

The dress might be gorgeous from the front, but what about the back? One thing to remember is that on your wedding day, you will be seen and photographed from every single angle so make sure you look just as incredible from behind! This dress has an open back with lace details to create a frame around the back so it has just as much emphasis as the front.


Some people think lace has to mean grandma’s curtains- but they’re wrong! This stunning dress features a deep neckline in the lace bodice and a huge, billowing skirt with train. The opulent fabric even has floral embroidery which is a really hot trend this season!


This style is for brides who don't care about tradition. If your favourite colour is blue, wear blue! Colourful wedding dresses are rare but there's enough out there for the more individual brides to find their perfect look. 


This breathtaking dress is simple but sophisticated. The strapless bodice goes down to the waistline and is separated from the full skirt with a little bow belt detail. Satin is perfect for brides who prefer a more minimal style and this dress oozes vintage glamour!