Are You Wearing Exhaustion As A Badge Of Honour?

You may often see ‘motivational’ quotes on social media:

“Be more. Do more”

“I’ve got a dream that’s worth more than my sleep”

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it”

Having dreams and ambitions is great. Working hard and achieving is wonderful. But is being overworked and rest-deprived a state that we should aspire to?

We live in a society that currently prioritises work over rest, output over peace and productivity over joy. But is being busy something we should actually feel pride in? Should we be selfless to the point of being shattered? Caring to the point of being crushed?

We are all exceptional human beings but every single day we choose to undertake super-human amounts of responsibility and commitment. Ask yourself this simple question: is being continually overwhelmed and physically depleted enabling you to live the life you dream of?  

You're not alone if your default mode is to always say 'yes' to every request, opportunity, or demand. These days, even the phrase 'hot mess' has positive and sexy connotations! But the reality is that when you are on burn-out it means you have given everything you have to others and left nothing for yourself. 

Being perpetually drowning in a to-do list or worked into the ground should not be a symbol of status. Living this way means that you are putting your health on the line and likely entering a physical state where your body starts to shut down. Overwork and exhaustion are not sustainable, nor is it a justifiable way to live. 

You may be inspired and driven by the dream of living a big, thriving, purposeful and passionate life - and there is nothing wrong with that. But what if 'doing more' and running yourself ragged is not the way to find that fulfilment?

Give yourself some time to stop and think about the reasons you are inclined or compelled to keep yourself going at 100 miles an hour. Do you have trouble admitting that you have your own needs? Do you struggle with boundaries and saying 'no'? Does keeping busy silence out the noise of any painful or emotional trauma that you don't want to face? Are you simply trying to keep up with everyone else or are you worried that you are missing out? Are you driven by your idea of perfectionism? Or are you trying to find ways to prove to yourself that you are enough.

Whatever your reasons, next time you find yourself drowning in overwhelm, take a few moments to explore why. Simply by taking some time to acknowledge your actions will open-up a path to understanding and help you pave the way to uncover what truly makes your heart sing.