Business Women's Day: Interview with Our Director

 All month we have been celebrating Business Women's Day which took place on the 22nd September. To mark the occasion, we decided to send some questions over to our Founder & Director to see what knowledge, inspiration and advice she could pass on! 

 The team couldn't wait to get to know a bit more and we hope that you find it as interesting as we have. Read the full interview below to find out everything from how Ultamodan came to be to how she switches off after a full day of running the business!

What does your morning routine include?
"The Wake Up Wind Down podcast by Nial Breslin is the first thing I listen to on my phone. Then it’s gym clothes and straight out the door to get coffee/fresh air and my mindset focused for the day!"

What motivated you to take the step into the business world?
"I had found previously that goals I had set for myself I was able to achieve and I am always looking for something to push me to develop myself. With business the stats show that 95% of businesses fail within the first 5 years, so for me that seemed like one of the most ultimate challenge someone could overcome and one of the biggest goals I could set for myself in my professional life." 

What has been the biggest obstacle for you on your business journey so far?
"Probably the biggest obstacle in gaining momentum for the business and traction in the early days was funding. I received a small amount of funding to start with and I bootstrapped the business so it took a lot longer to gain traction. For a period of time I was working fulltime and then every spare minute I had before work and after work and on weekends I would spend on the business so that was quite intense, but it was fun!"

Have you always thought that you were going to be an entrepreneur?
"The first thing I did (much to my parents chagrin) when I left high school, I chose not to go to university but started up my own business. I was 19 years old and I started a gift basket business. That was quite a long time ago and the internet was no where near like what it is now with e-commerce, but at the time, a friend set up my web store and I sold gift baskets. Even at that age it was something that I wanted to try out and to do. Business always interested me!"

Are there any entrepreneurs who you looked up to before you started your own business?

"Definitely, the entrepreneurs that stood out the most to me were Bill Gates and Robert Kiyosaki who wrote all the Rich Dad Poor Dad books - I found them really inspiring! I also listed to the School of Greatness podcast in the early days of creating the business which was immensely helpful and inspiring.

The entrepreneur who did and continues to inspire me is Tom Bilyeu. I think he's just a huge role model for anybody but for entrepreneurs especially. He started his business with his wife which is now worth billions and they started with no business skills either so he's definitely one of my role models."

You are very passionate about charity work, what is it that makes this important for you?

"When I was younger and I was in sales, I realised at a certain point that there was a big difference between myself and all the other people on the sales team. If I didn't think the deal that we were offering (it was mobile phone sales) was going to save the customer money or if it wasn't going to benefit them, then I wouldn't want to sell the product to them. And I thought at the end of the day I want to help people, which is why I then went into nursing.

In terms of running a business the idea for me is that I want it to stand for something meaningful and I still want to impact people's lives but I think I can do it on a much bigger scale if I develop myself to my full potential.  Working day to day as a nurse was very fulfilling as well, but I'm hoping that in my current capacity I can help more people and leave a bigger mark on the world!"

If you weren't working with Ultamodan, what would you want to be doing?
"I would be working in remote Australia, probably Western Australia- that was the state that I liked the most. I would work out there as a nurse and then when mustering season started I would work as a jillaroo and then go back to nursing when the season was over."

What do you see as the next steps for your business?
"I would really like us to move into having a bigger print on demand collection and I'd also really like us to have our own marketplace so we could showcase designs from female fashion designers - I think that would be great!"

What advice would you give to women who are hoping to set up their own business? 

"The advice I would give is don't listen to what anybody else says, follow your gut feelings, follow your instincts. As women, I think we downplay our ability to be hugely perceptive and intuitive with everything around us.

Forge your own path and don't listen to anybody else - especially the naysayers - just keep going and trust in yourself!"

What are your favourite things to do in your down time to relax?
"During Covid lockdowns, I realised the joys of a nice glass of red wine and Netflix and now I have the luxury to be a bit more broader. I really like going to a yoga class, going for walks in nature and spending time with my friends!"


Thank you for reading our interview, we hope that you have found it inspiring and empowering! Find out more about Ultamodan by visiting the about us page here.