Celebrating Business Women's Day

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On 22nd September, we will be celebrating Business Women's Day. It is a national holiday in America, recognising the accomplishments of women and focusing on ways to give women more equality in the work place. It is a holiday close to our hearts as we are a company proudly founded by a female entrepreneur and as a business, are passionate about staying true to our mission to empower women through fashion.

As the day has not yet been recognised globally, we take a look at why Business Women's Day is important and the history behind it.

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The first time this important holiday was celebrated was the 22nd September 1983. The date itself is of relevance, being the same day businessman Hilary Bufton Jr was born decades earlier.

It might seem odd that Business Women's Day has been celebrated on a businessman's birthday, but Mr Bufton was an advocate for women's rights and even founded The American Business Women's Association in 1949 along with three businesswomen, Shirley Cupp, Irma Beisel and Frances Stuckey. The association was founded to support women in business, many of whom lost their jobs after men returned from the second world war.

Mr Bufton later reflected on the importance of women in the field stating that: “They had gained tremendous business knowledge during World War II, through necessity, and I felt a new organization for all businesswomen was needed.”

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Things have changed a lot over the last 70 years, however we are still not in a time where opportunities for women truly feel equal. We still face obstacles, pay gaps and discrimination so there is much more work to do.

If you are interested in showing support this holiday, why not check out your local female owned companies? There are so many out there! Alternatively, if you are a budding entrepreneur yourself you could celebrate by attending seminars and taking the leap to set up your own business. 

Whatever you choose to do, we're with you! To help you feel the part, check out some of our workwear below.