Creating A World Of Good: The #seeher Movement

It could be said that feminism has been somewhat dominated by the hugely important #metoo movement over the last few years. However coming out of the shadows of that crusade we find ourselves bolstered by a more positive, reaffirming and enthusiastic #seeher principle.

If you are unfamiliar with this mission, then its purpose is to ensure that all media, sports, entertainment and advertising accurately portrays women and girls as they truly are.

This means that women’s bodies are represented truthfully, that viewers are empowered by what they see, spectators are encouraged to feel good about themselves, and that truth and inclusiveness benefit all people globally.

“It’s time to be conscious about unconscious bias.” Shelley Zalis, CEO

Recognising that the media has formerly portrayed just a small cross-section of women in terms of age, race and body type, the #seeher movement is using this visual truth as a way of moulding a more equitable society.

“If female writers are in the writers’ room, female character representation on-screen is, on average, 50 percent higher.” University of Southern California

The advisory board behind this movement is formed of an eclectic wedge of personalities: both men and women, business personnel and celebrities, writers, activists and sports personalities….this diverse mix is surely the most powerful way to influence change.

"If I'm being honest, to me being a woman is not about being brave, or being strong, or being powerful, it's not about being anything specific…what I've learned from all that is that nobody is just one thing. We are all the things.” Kristen Bell

This is the 4th year that the #seeher prize has been handed out at the Critics Choice Awards with previous winners including Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Claire Foy (The Queen) and most recently Kristen Bell. This accolade is for those women who fight against existing boundaries, striving towards changing stereotypes and encouraging the authentic portrayal of all types of women.

The #seeher campaign is growing exponentially and has spread into #seeherhearher (music movement) and #seeherinsports (women’s sports movement) as well as garnering the support of numerous brands who are vowing to readdress their advertising and marketing goals.

It is important that we continue this movement and not let it turn into a fleeting moment – so our support is essential. Whilst we are not all in the position to impact directly on female representation within the media and entertainment we can all ensure that we have open and honest dialogues about what it truly means to empower women and measure impact.

So if you see an advert that you feel is still rooted in stereotype then use your voice! If you feel a brand needs to adopt a more gender-equal stance – then use your voice! Perhaps those who are truly voiceless are depending on you to speak up.