Don't Let Fashion Own You

“Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” Gianni Versace 


Spring is finally in full flow and we are facing the season of rejuvenation, rebirth and change. It’s a calmer time of year that allows us to take a step back and take a transformative look at ourselves – who we are, what we want and where we are going. 


Often, much of how we are perceived by those around us is put forward by our attire or our chosen image. However, it is difficult in the fast-paced world of fashion to marry trending style with individual identity. 


Ultamodan understands this and, as a brand that supports and encourages female empowerment, we urge all women to stand together to fight - not only for their own individual identity - but also a shared identity of female collectiveness.  


There has been an awe inspiring amount of coverage in the media recently surrounding the #MeToo movement and whilst that has brought a global outpouring of female togetherness we must bear in mind that what we as individuals do, on a daily basis, is just as significant. 


For example, think of female empowerment the next time you select your outfit or go shopping. Getting dressed and choosing your clothing is not simply about covering up, it is also about uncovering yourself as an individual.  


Ultamodan contributes to the support of women that have been the victims of domestic violence.  Often the crux of this abuse is the stripping away of identity, persona and sense of self. By donating a percentage of our profits towards the annihilation of such unnecessary brutality we are encouraging all people to stand up and say – this is who I am, this is what I want and this is what I will be. We are encouraging women to say no to any sort of oppression and yes to individuality, identity and freedom of personal expression. Reaffirming that equality is not a luxury but a human right and that we are all entitled to live with pride and the unadulterated beauty of freedom and self-expression – in whatever form that may be.  


As Versace stated – don’t let fashion own you – but also do not let any person own you. Be your own unique you and express the beauty of ‘you’ through style. 


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About the writer: This blog was written by Ultamodan's contributing writer Jayne. She is passionate about all things relating to fashion, lifestyle and holistic living. Hailing from a quaint house near the sea in Wales, where happy living is key and the cats rule the roost! For any enquiries please contact