Finding Calm Among The Chaos

“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.” — Anne Frank

We are living in unusual times; cooped-up within our own isolation bubbles, experiencing things so very differently but – despite this illusion of separateness - we may be more ‘at one’ that ever before.

It’s likely that in this time of curious quarantine we will know of people from both ends of the spectrum of humanity…

We probably all know people who have been left jobless – but also people who are heavily overworked.

People struggling to put food on the table – but also those who are using this time to feast bountifully.

Those parents who are adapting to home-schooling their busy children whilst managing homes and jobs – and those who live alone, silenced in isolation within their four walls.

This isolation is a different reality for everyone. For the elderly or single, their quarantine is a loneliness. For those with a busy or full household their quarantine is a form of chaos and noise. For those who have lost their jobs, their quarantine may be a prison of fear and uncertainty.

But, however different our situations may feel, however polar opposite our emotions may be – the truth is, perhaps for the first time ever, we are all having this one shared experience.

Stuck At Home Safe At Home

You may be feeling that life is currently a strange soup of extremes; and if you are one of many facing difficulties right now, here are some thoughts for you…

Beginnings & Endings

This month brought us Earth Day, the celebration of Mother Earth (Pachamama).

Pachamama is a deity who harnesses the power to sustain life on earth, embodying creation but also destruction.

Almost ironically, the theme for Earth Day 2020, is Climate Action, but perhaps our current inaction is more powerful to nature than we are realising. What you may be seeing as the world cracking in two may actually be mother nature healing herself, while we take this time indoors to nurture and protect ourselves. 

Quiet & Noise

You may be feeling overwhelmed at the moment. Life may seem very noisy with people telling us what to do, and how to behave. These times of enforced slowness and worldly slumber are affording us an opportunity to adjust and adapt.

It can be said that everything that slows us down and gifts us time to reconnect with ourselves can be used as a force for good, so perhaps try to dull out the surplus noise and a gear your hearing to what your mind and body truly want.

Control & Uncertainty

Nothing has ever truly been promised to us. Is it worth our energy to fight against the inevitable – to fight against those edicts put in place for the safety of human nature?

So, in these times of enhanced uncertainty, remember to try and take one day at a time, let go, stay positive and breathe.

Being Present & Feeling Out The Future

By thinking, focussing or dreaming too far ahead we run the risk of drowning in overwhelm and fear. We are currently unable to be present in our normal lives as we are doing an incredibly important task: saving humanity by staying away from it! So, where possible, try to allow hope and promise to consume your full attention.

If you do find yourself thinking about what is to be, then use this time constructively. This is a crucial time in history. It is said that if you change your perspective then you can change your life, and with all our perspectives being entirely altered at present, this may be the time for humanity to self-reflect. Who do we choose to be when this is all over? Do we allow our fear to lead us? What qualities do we want to bring into the world?

And if all else fails…

Believe In The Magic

Remember to be kind to yourself. There are no rights and wrongs of how we navigate through this storm. Some are choosing to dramatically alter their lives, learn new skills, overhaul and hit refresh. Others are needing to bed-down and ride this out.

Our only certainty right now is that time marches forward, so march to your own rhythm and see this through however suits YOU best – without any external pressure to be doing or living a certain way.

Maybe we are not supposed to be making sense of this, but its human nature to try and join the dots and understand events, and whether that means you needing to find ways to sustain, thrive, flourish, protect or even cocoon yourself – the only person who knows how to get through this time is you.

Stay safe, stay well and stay home, from all here at Ultamodan.