Get the Look: How to Dress Like a Boss

This September, we are celebrating Business Women’s Day 2021. At Ultamodan, we are all about building women up, fostering confidence and empowerment. This month is particularly important for us to acknowledge all the inspiring women out there doing amazing things, from starting their own businesses to working their way up.

Owning your talent and skill is one thing but expressing it can be tough. It’s all about confidence and if you’re struggling in that department, we’ve got you! If you’re wanting to show off your confidence, whether it’s a job interview, important meeting or just everyday in the office the best place to start is with how you dress.

Wearing the right outfit can make you feel confident, powerful and unstoppable. Trust us, you should try! In the business world, the dress code is smart but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and show off your style. Here, we have put together 3 looks that will have you feeling like the boss in no time! Check out our Ultamodan styles below.


Look 1: The Fashionista Boss

This season, pink is still a hot trend so if you want to stand out this is a great option! Pair this amazing pink suit with a simple, black satin cami top for an on-trend and eye-catching business look.


Look 2: The Chic Boss

Monochrome is a great alternative trend if hot pink isn't quite your thing. Black and white clothes are easy to wear and easy to get right! For a chic look, try a blouse with statement sleeves and a cool faux leather midi skirt. You will be the talk of the office in this modern and chic look!


Look 3: In Vogue Boss

For a look that feels fresh off the runway, try these designer inspired pieces! The chiffon ruffle blouse and tweed mini skirt with gold lion buttons will have you feeling and looking like a Chanel muse. This look is classy, sophisticated and perfect for any designer obsessed women! 

We hope you have been inspired by these three unique looks! If you have any amazing business looks from Ultamodan that make you feel like a boss, don't forget to show us by tagging us on Instagram @ultamodanusa and use the hashtags #ultamodan #ultamodanusa and #ultamodanempowerment .