Love In The Time Of Lockdown

You’re not alone if you feel that this decade has got off to a confusing and uncertain start.

January saw us bounding into a new year – excited by freshness and big bold plans.

February was marked by loss, sadness, an emphasis on being kind, an encouragement for compassionate living and finding companionship through the light and dark moments of life.

March is upon us and, what should be the start of spring and regrowth is now a time of introversion, quarantine, fear and chaos.

We’ve found ourselves moving away from the positivity, enthusiasm and kind-heartedness born at the start of the year and find ourselves in a place of anguish and insecurity.

So, if you’re in need of some direction and guidance in the midst of all this uncertainty, then here are some words…

  1. Kindness Prevails

We are all human and all deal with our emotions in a variety of different ways.

You may be thinking that some are over-reacting to the current events in the world at present – you may even think that some are under-reacting…But the reality is that none of us can see into the future nor can any of us predict how these times of ambiguity are going to pan out.

We cannot fairly nor realistically tell another person how to feel, neither can we judge others on how they are choosing to handle any given situation.

By adding your condemnation or judgement to this already difficult and fear-filled time you’re likely only serving to ratchet-up any hysteria that may be present.

But most of all, judgement of others is simply not kind.

  1. We Can Embrace In Other Ways

We are all fallible human beings facing an impossible unmapped dilemma. We will make mistakes, we will react (sometimes unfavourably) or even choose to hide away and not deal.

With every person that survives or side-steps this festering virus we can feel a sense of gratitude. But we should also not overlook the fact that this is not simply a bodily condition. Whilst we will likely (and hopefully) not all be impacted physically by this, the reality is that we are ALL suffering or going to suffer in some emotional capacity.

There are many ways in which we can all contribute right now and many schemes springing up everywhere to ensure that the elderly, ill and destitute do no go without. But we should still not forget about the importance of reaching out, sharing your emotional resources as well as your material.

This is a time of isolation and distancing and, in-lieu of those social interactions that keep us human and grounded, we must ensure that we are finding ways to keep that all-important emotional connection going.

  1. Keep Giving

We may not have extra of much right now in this time of crisis. There are already losses of jobs, shortages of money, absence of food, along with a depletion of time and energy BUT we always have the capacity for compassion, love and empathy.

You may not be on the frontline of battling this crisis but you can help in many other ways. Whether that means creating a space of support, readdressing your attitude to current events and, above all, never stop asking others “what can I do to help?”

The prospect of quarantine - for many - may be a source of terror, so don’t forget to reach out; shield those who may be in physical isolation from the pain and trepidation of emotional seclusion. 

  1. Everyone Has Their Own Version Of Strength

For those of you who may be scared – your softness of spirit isn’t a sign of weakness. Don’t forget that we can be tender and powerful simultaneously and it takes great patience and compassion to be empathetic, understanding and considerate, especially during times of adversity.

We all know what fear feels like and the manner in which people may be ‘overreacting’ is simply their way of dealing with any anxiety they may be facing.

The reality is that we are all human, and this really is the only thing that connects us all.

Being human isn’t a state of perfection, and we are all just trying to find our survival mode to guide us through these darker times. These are not times of condemnation of others – these are times to dig deep and be every essence of the wonderful human being that you are. Be afraid, be honest, be authentic, and if you encounter someone reacting negatively from a place of fear – lend your support in place of lending your judgement.

  1. International Eternal Women’s Day

Maybe it’s no coincidence that this crisis is coming to a head in the same month that we marked International Women’s Day. A month when women celebrated being heard, being soft yet powerful and being connected – and this is exactly the message we all need to carry forward right now.

So, let’s hold tight onto everything positive, human and harmonious while we forge forward in a place of support, togetherness and unity.  

We will see this through, together.