Detox Your Feed This Wellbeing Week

Credit: Instagram @mikzazon

As Love Island UK returns our screens for another season, we take a moment to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes. The series premiered on Monday night, with ten new contestants looking for love and battling it out with each other to win hearts (and money). If, like us, you are a little tired of the exclusive nature of the selection process of the hit TV show and want to see a little more diversity, read on!

Credit: Instagram @itsmekellieb

It can be hard in this social-media obsessed world, where size 4 influencers fill explore pages and no one with cellulite ever gets invited to find a partner on the island of love. As holiday season draws nearer and “hot girl summer” trends on the internet, take a moment to follow some accounts which will help you realise how amazing, incredible and worthy you are- whatever your size. 

Today marks the end of World Wellbeing Week 2021, but you an still do something good for your mental health and normalise seeing more diverse and relatable body shapes and sizes online. Here are a few of our favourite accounts to help celebrate your body and free your mind of negative thoughts.

Someone I’ve been following for years is Naomi Shimada, a body-positive model with a great eye for style and a really fun feed. She also wrote a book exploring the emotional impact our digital habits can have on us called Mixed Feelings. 

Credit: Instagram @naomishimada

For hilarious content, look no further than Celeste Barber. She is the Australian comedian who went viral with her videos mimicking models such as Kendal Jenner with home made props and outfits. She is funny and draws attention to the bizarre world of models on Instagram.

Credit: Instagram @celestebarber

Mik Zazon is a blogger who celebrates her body online. She is the leader of the #normalizenormalbodies movement and urges women to accept their bodies and love them as they are, not comparing ourselves to the ideals we hold ourselves to. It is hard to let go of the urge to “better” yourself by losing weight or investing in skincare products but when you accept yourself for who you are that’s when you realise that you are everything you need to be and more.

Credit: Instagram @mikzazon

Another wonderful body-positive and self love advocate is Stephanie Yeboah. She is a content creator and author of Fattily Ever After, a guide to living unapologetically. Follow her for her stylish posts, honest captions and tips on how to care for yourself. 

Credit: Instagram @stephanieyeboah

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Accounts featured in this article are @itsmekellieb,  @naomishimada, @celestebarber, @mikzazon and @stephanieyeboah .