Super Saturday 2021: America's Big Shopping Day

America has been flying the flag for Super Saturday for years, but it is also unknowingly a big deal in many other countries too! The shopping day known as Super Saturday falls on the last Saturday before Christmas, meaning the mad rush to buy gifts is on and shoppers are keen to get good deals.

Even though the day isn't marked in the UK in the same way as it is across the Atlantic, it is tipped to be the busiest shopping day of peak trading. If, like us, you feel that this month has gone incredibly fast then you might be in the same position as many people around the globe who intend to shop this weekend for last minute gifts.

For Americans, this Saturday marks the end of a peak trade period which started on Black Friday. Don't worry! The deals are still running and you may have noticed here at Ultamodan we are in a very giving mood and have added an extra 15% off to our site to mark the occasion.

If you're out shopping for gifts this weekend, stay safe and remember that Christmas is not just about gifts but taking time to be with your loved ones.