The Most Important Relationship You Have Is With Yourself

“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.”
— Diane Von Furstenberg


If you’re not big into Valentine’s Day or you’re rocking the single life at the moment – now is the perfect time to start a new commitment – a vow to love yourself!

Spend a moment and think about the way you treat others, your family and your loved ones and then compare it to the way in which you treat yourself. You’re not alone if you’re one of the many people who is generous in showering everyone else with kind-heartedness, consideration and respect but actually don’t honour yourself with the same admiration.

Self-love is a mindset. One whereby we appreciate ourselves in the NOW. This means accepting where you are in life – unconditionally.

Self-love is a habit-forming action, one which requires some effort and dedication but the rewards you will reap will be infinite – as there is no more important relationship you will ever have within your life than the one with yourself.

So, whatever your plans for February 14th – here are some tips to help you practice some self-love on Valentine’s day and beyond!

  1. You are exactly where you are supposed to be

At first, self-love will take conscious effort but the more and more you repeat these actions, the more it will become part of your mindset.

Acceptance of yourself and your current situation is key to understanding and loving yourself. You may not feel like you are at the point in life where you want to be – but you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Reaching milestones and goals is amazing and feels great, but to get to those milestones you will spend a fair amount of time in physical, mental and emotional places you don’t want to be.

Not every moment in life is a silver-lining but the journey in between your achievements serves to teach you about desire, drive, strength, tolerance, endurance and lots more.

So have a think about all those little things that make you YOU. Own them, value and respect them – whether you like them or not – as they all serve a purpose for your future.

  1. Prioritize You

It’s always easy to say ‘yes’ when a friend or loved one needs something. But how much do you value your own time, energy and effort?

Prioritising your own wellness does not make you heartless or uncaring - in fact by practicing self-care you’ll be better placed to be a more effective support to others when they need you.

So, don’t feel bad about turning down plans and saying a tactful ‘no’ – sometimes we all just need an evening on the sofa with a tub of ice-cream and a face pack!

  1. Treat yourself!

Your happiness doesn’t hinge on the actions of others – it’s all down to you. This is never truer than on Valentine’s Day. Don’t wait around for the postman or harbour those feelings of inadequacy when a bunch of flowers doesn’t arrive.

You deserve to make a fuss of you – so do it! Celebrate your own Galentine’s Day and treat that Number 1 gal in your life – YOU!  

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