Why You Need An Aviator Biker Jacket

If you are in the market for a new coat, then the aviator biker jacket is style staple with year-long appeal! Perfect for those transitional periods between autumn and winter or winter and spring, this versatile must-have is an essential additional to any seasonal wardrobe.

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As you might have guessed from the name, the aviator jacket was originally designed for pilots to wear. They were often made of leather to ensure they were hardwearing and lined with some form of shearling material to keep pilots warm.

However the look as since been adopted by modern fashion and pop culture and is now one of the top ever-enduring unisex style staples.

Harking back to the style of the 1930’s an aviator jacket is essentially a cross between a classic flight jacket and a leather, more winter-appropriate take on a biker jacket. If you opt for a traditional aviator style you will find they are often made from a leather or faux leather material and lined with a plush shearling fleece lining for added warmth. Most are designed with the biker style turn-down collar, lapel, multi-pockets, and zips. This quintessential coat will not date season-to-season which makes it an unbeatable investment piece.

When it comes to the style of jacket you pick – the options are limitless, and the ultimate choice comes down to how you want to wear it. More modern style aviator jackets are designed with an asymmetrical zip frontage for a quirky twist, such as this gorgeous faux leather aviator coat with contrast borg lining. 

Some styles lean towards a more casual look, while others offer more versatility. However, the aviator will always be deeply rooted in a vintage style, meaning that your purchase can be worn for many, many years to come, making it great value for money.

How To Wear Your Aviator Jacket

Cute and Cropped

An aviator jacket can often be a bold look, however you can never go wrong when pairing it with a classic pair of high-waist skinny jeans, especially if you have opted for a cute and cropped jacket such as this fleece lined faux suede aviator crop. The short length coat is perfect for a daytime or night-time look and the straight silhouette makes it cosy without being too bulky or overly casual.

Faux Suede Jacket - Aviator - Fleece Lined

Bold and Beautiful

If you like to play-it bold then why not opt for a more daring or bold hued jacket. You may be tickled pink with this perky pink faux fur trim aviator jacket or maybe you can be a metallic marvel with this quirky gold or silver aviator jacket with fleece lining.

If you are choosing a more intrepid coloured jacket, then consider pairing-down your main ensemble to avoid being swamped in colour. A simple pair of dark jeans or monochrome sweater dress would match perfectly with a fun-coloured jacket.

Keep It Classic

There is no other coat quite like an Aviator jacket to firmly bridge the gap between smart and casual attire. If you’ve chosen a more demure style classic aviator jacket such as this black lambswool lined aviator coat or this sheepskin leather fur lined aviator then you can play around with a patterned blouse or floral dress to wear underneath.

Size Matters

One of the most popular off-duty looks is an oversized aviator jacket. The key tip here is to focus on layering your outfit. Consider going one-size-up with your jacket so you can wear it over hoodies, sweatshirts, and jumpers to create that beautiful effortless style. You may want to consider this oversized grey faux suede aviator jacket

Aviator Jacket Faux Suede - Fur Lined

All Seasons Styling

Pairing dresses and midi skirts with an aviator jacket is the ideal way to prevent your favourite summer and springtime wear from languishing in the back of your wardrobe for half of the year.

Try pairing your aviator jacket with your most beloved summer staples such as floral dresses or geometric patterned skirts. Layer up to stay warm with a pair of black tights and cute ankle boots and you will have the perfect autumn/winter ensemble.

Whatever your taste or preference, we are sure to have an aviator jacket to perfectly suit your individual taste and take your style sky-high! Check out our full selection of coats online.