Women! Let’s Take A Walk On The Wild Side?

Most of us know that within nature, one animal from the pack is chosen as being the ‘alpha.’ Ordinarily the alpha is always the male, the strongest, the biggest and the most respected.

Within the realms of wildlife, this sort of social structure benefits the functioning of the pack. However we still do see this kind of alpha male dominance within human society too – which is  disappointing given that women have fought so hard to be seen and treated on an even plateau.

There are countless internet pages dedicated to how men can spot dominant characteristics and mould themselves into the ideal alpha male character. Most stating that the role of the alpha is to lead, provide and protect his pack – namely the women!

But what about the female role within this dynamic? Why is it still not wholly acceptable for women to have a dominant status or to be leaders?

If a man is overpowering within a situation then he is gleefully deemed as the alpha. If a woman tries to claim authority then she is negatively touted as being interfering, or being out of place.

Society needs to allow and encourage women to take that walk on the wild side, allowing for them to exert their innate level of dominance without being condemned for it.

Sometimes the best thing for a social dynamic is to allow the lionesses to roar louder than the lions – it is the only way that we can truly strive to find a level playing field and learn to treat women with the equal footing that they deserve.

If you are a strong and independent fierce woman – do not feel that you should have to hold back your innate nature simply because you are female. Being bold doesn’t have to mean being bossy or brazen. There is nothing wrong being strong! It means you are formidable enough to be ‘you’ in an otherwise male dominated alpha-society.

However, not all women want to be at the front and centre and that is perfectly fine too. If you be yourself then no one can ever tell you that you’re doing it wrong!

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