World Mental Health Day: Be Kind to Yourself

This Sunday marks World Mental Health Day, the perfect excuse to take some time out and consider your health and wellbeing. If you've been feeling low in energy and mood or even if you're feeling fine, there are some great and easy ways to help boost your mood, get better sleep and manage stress levels which can benefit everyone!

There are many easy changes to make which, if you can get into the habit of doing regularly, will be sure to lift your mood. Small things like picking up the phone to chat to your family and friends, joining a group such as a sports or book club, getting more active or putting some time aside for your favourite hobby.

Another easy move you can make it to increase the amount of information you get about mental health. This could mean reading books on the subject if you enjoy reading, but you can also follow accounts on social media which will educate you further on the subject. Many of us spend a lot of time on our mobile phones these days, browsing social media and watching videos. Following some of the following accounts will mean you can get positive and informative snippets daily, without going looking for it! Easy!

Here are our top picks for accounts to follow this World Mental Health Day:



Credit: Instagram @nedratawwab

If you want to focus on creating healthier relationships, this is the perfect account for you.



Credit: Instagram @brenebrown

The best selling author is now also sharing her knowledge on taking ownership of your vulnerabilities on her social media accounts!



Credit: Instagram @askdrjess

Dr Jessica Clemons MD is a certified psychiatrist, so you can pick up some great tips for your mental health without the hefty price tag.



Credit: Instagram @drmarielbuque

Dr Mariel Buqué is a trained doctor with a background in holistic psychology. She even has a newsletter where you receive coping skills straight to your inbox!

There are many resources you can use online in your country, we recommend visiting for more information or speak to your local health services to find out more.