Our Sustainability Range is Expanding!

Our sustainability range has just got bigger! After launching with a collection of empowering crop tops made from organic cotton, we are happy to announce our latest drop of eco-friendly products.
This incredible jewellery is made with recycled coconut shells and is crafted by hand in Sri Lanka. Inspired by the amount of waste coconut shells in the country, the creators decided to turn the by-product of food into jewellery to give each shell more life.
Each pair is designed by a local husband and wife team who cut, smooth and buffer each shell before adding the hooks to finish each piece. To complete the set, they create re-useable cotton gift bags for the earrings to deliver the finished product to our customers in style.
We are proud to showcase this range to you and can't wait to add new seasonal styles throughout the coming weeks. The earrings currently come in simple, classic shapes including oval hoops, hearts and stars as well as some fun Squid Game themed jewellery inspired by the hit show.
To view the range, click here and help us support local crafters and continue our journey towards a more sustainable future.