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At Ultamodan, our mission has always been to empower women globally and to stand against the injustices facing them today. We believe in women’s equality and their right to live a life free of social injustices, away from the threat or actuality of violence.

We are incredibly honoured to sponsor and endorse the work of Queensland founded organisation RizeUp. They are a not-for-profit charity who have provided essential practical support to women and families fleeing domestic and family violence since 2015.

Their services encompass all stages of the difficult and traumatic journey to recovery following experiences of domestic and family violence. The life-changing support they offer includes the Homes Program, a vital resource giving women and their families a fresh start in a fully-furnished home so they have a better chance at living an independent life away from violent perpetrators.

RizeUp’s work is also part of a wider movement to put an end to all forms of violence and abuse against women. By challenging the societal norms which have led to the toxic and dangerous environment for women today, RizeUp hope to drive awareness and challenge the way we think about this injustice.

We hope that through this partnership, we can help them reach their goal to support more families in need and create a wider reach across Australia. It is a cause we truly believe in and look forward to working together by providing financial support for the advancement of their essential services.

You can find out more information about RizeUp or contact them by visiting their website www.rizeup.com.au or alternatively or you can email i@rizeup.com.au

To make a donation and support their mission to make the world a safer place for women please follow the link to their donation page here.