With the culture of fast fashion contributing to more than 300,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing being dumped into landfill per year, Ultamodan are breaking the mould. By adopting a zero inventory business model, we cut our inventory waste by a significant amount meaning we have a less negative impact on the environment compared to our competitors. We believe it is the future of fashion, creating a more responsible way for customers to shop.
Zero inventory means that all of your orders with us are made on demand. This may result in our customers waiting a week or two longer compared to other fast fashion companies but we are committed to creating a good practice and believe that the benefits are worth the wait! You can update your wardrobe with peace of mind, knowing that you are not contributing to the waste that often comes with accessible fashion.

Our sustainability plan is still in progress and there's always more to be done. As well as keeping our inventory wastage to a minimum, we are also developing a collection of empowering t-shirts that have been designed in house and made using organic cotton. The range will keep to our zero inventory model and will be printed on demand.
Check out the Ultamodan Sustainability collection featuring hand made, locally produced jewellery and organic cotton tees and support us as we build a better way to shop.